Texas, and Texans are different. Whether there’s a hurricane bearing down, an ice storm sweeping through, an unrelenting drought testing mettle or tornadoes on the horizon, we are proud of the place we live. We are city dwellers and suburbanites, cowboys and vaqueros, transplants and natives, farmers and ranchers. Bandits, revolutionaries, innovators, hermits, show-stoppers, dreamers and doers. Texans are quick to defend our state and proud to exert the right to complain about how long it takes to drive across it. All are welcome: even those who don’t own a pair of boots, can’t stomach jalapeños, or can’t remember why they should remember the Alamo.

Texas, and Texans are different. You can tell, just by the history. Over the course of Texas being Texas, it has been:

Adopted by Native Americans
Settled by the French
Claimed by the Spanish
Colonized by the Mexicans
Won by the Texians,
Joined with the United States
Seceded to the Confederacy
and Reunited with the United States.

But most of all, Texas is Home of the proud… See you on February 29, 2020 in Oxford, Ohio for Texas Independence Day 19, our nineteenth Annual Texas Independence Day Party! We’ll celebrate the indomitable Texas spirit that may have been forged inside its borders but extends well beyond the dreams of its pioneers.