We’ve been hosting the Texas Independence Day party since 2002, which marks this year as the 10th annual celebration. We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate our home state and all of the things that make the Lone Star State a larger-than-life place to live. Here’s what you can expect:

Texas Food and Drink

We serve all Texas-native food and drinks. If it’s not from Texas, we won’t serve it. And if you are thinking of being “nice” by bringing some Coors Light or CocaCola: thanks, but no thanks. Learn more about native foods on the Texas Food page.

Games and Prizes

We hold a yearly Blackjack tournament and everyone is welcome to play, regardless of your expereince level. It’s free to play, and the winner will walk away with a great prize and the honor of winning the Bronze Boot. There’s also a “Where in Texas” contest where you can see how many places in the Lone Star State you can identify. These games, along with a few other door prizes mean that you’ll have plenty to do while you’re here.

Texas Music and Movies

If a song has “Texas, Alamo, Austin, Lone Star, Armadillo” or anything else Texan in it, we play it. And don’t be surprised if an episode of Dallas is playing on TV.

See You Soon!

Check out the invitation for info on what you can sign up to bring along to share with everyone. We’ll provide most of the food, but ask that everyone bring something to help feed the masses. If you have any questions, let us know.